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Happy Veterans Day!

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It has been a slow process up until this past week….then WHAM…we have what looks like a HOUSE!  The framers were finally able to get started and they have been working 7 days a week to get the house dried in quickly.  It has been amazing each day that we go out to check on the progress.  They are working until dusk every evening!  Take a look at the photos from this past week!IMG_3002 IMG_3012 IMG_3017 IMG_3018 IMG_3033 IMG_3035 IMG_3040 IMG_3073 IMG_3079 IMG_3101

IMG_1228 IMG_2637 IMG_2640 IMG_2765 IMG_2766 IMG_2768 IMG_2769 IMG_2772 IMG_2773 IMG_2774

Since our last post in October we have come a long way.  But still have a long way to go.

After meeting with the 3rd builder again, we determined that we weren’t getting quotes on the same specifics so after a few changes to ceiling heights and foundation requirements, we got updated quotes from the 2nd and 3rd builder and wound up going with the 2nd builder.  We really like and trust him and are happy that he is a good Christian man who works well with our architect.

In February, after receiving all the County permits, our site work began.  And it was so exciting to see the bulldozer clearing the path for our driveway and home site.  Huge gravel covers the driveway now and we can actually drive up it to the home site without getting bogged down in the mud.  Yes, folks, it has been a rainy winter.  We received 4.30 inches of rain in February.  March has been wet too; however, the grading of the homesite is almost completed even though we encountered some elevation problems and had to add a basement to our house plans at the last minute and eliminate the upstairs area.  The slope of the land just works better with a daylight basement instead of a flat one level slab.  So luckily our architect and builder worked quickly together to come up with a solution that should reduce costs and still give us the space we needed for storage and future expansion by going down instead of up.  Works for us!

So we have some concrete footings already poured and dry.  There is rain predicted for almost every day this coming week….UGH!  But we just have to remind ourselves that this homebuilding is all in the Lord’s perfect timing and it will be wonderful when it is completed.  We know that He has great plans for it and for us and we are excited to see it begin!   Hoping to move in by end of July or August if the weather will cooperate!

I’m including some recent photos of our progress!  We can’t wait to live in Harris County, Georgia!  Near our church, Cornerstone Baptist in Ellerslie, Georgia!  And near a fun quilt shop, Sunday Best Quilts, as well as Tommy’s BBQ and Waverly Place Restaurant, two great places to eat near our new home!

Life is an ADVENTURE….enjoy the RIDE!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Love our Team!


If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. 


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If this one doesn’t make you smile, nothing will…  And the music is contagious, too!!

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One Delay after Another!

Yes, I told you in August that we had sold our home and were ready to start building our new one.  That was true but… boy, have we encountered obstacles along the way.

First, we had to find the right designer to draw up our plans.  We found that some designers don’t actually listen to what you are telling them and just draw a home that they think you will accept.  Wrong!  After a few attempts with that one, we moved on to one that would actually listen and then put our wants and needs on paper in a design that we love!  He cost us a little bit more but was well worth it!

Next, to find a builder to give us an estimate of what it will cost to actually build our Dream Home…  This has been the longest delay and the most frustrating.  So many builders just want to build the designs they are accustomed to building, put them up quickly and move on to the next one.  We call them Box Builders or Cookie Cutter builders.  Finding a builder willing to build a custom home and not charge us an arm and a leg has been the biggest challenge.   Granted, our house plans are for a home that is larger than we originally thought we would build; but considering the fact that we have our real estate office in our home plus my Sewing/Quilting room, we should have known and expected it to cost more than our previous home.  So far we have heard back from 3 builders who have reviewed our plans.  One declined to build it because he was too busy building his standard plan homes in another town now and wouldn’t have the time or man power to work on ours too.  Sad but at least he was honest with us….wish he hadn’t taken a whole month before letting us know this however….so that ate up August.  Then the 2nd builder took all of September before getting back with us on a price that was shocking…  Now a third builder has given us a price that is $25,000 less but is still pretty high.  There is still hope from two other builders who are reviewing the plans now.   Then we will make our decision on which builder we will choose to build our home.

In the meantime, we have been checking out lenders for construction loans.  So many of them do not offer construction loans, only permanent financing.  I called two bankers who were recommended for the construction loan.  The first one never called me back.  The second one called back after 4 days had passed.  I stopped into one bank and met with a loan officer who took my information and was going to get back with me.  She never did.   Finally yesterday the third builder told me about another banker whom they had worked with and did a good job.  Before I could even call this banker, she called me because the builder had sent her an email with my contact info.  Now that is being proactive.   I met with the banker and Bob and I have decided to go with her for the construction loan, regardless of which builder we choose.  So it does pay to be proactive, folks!

We are really hoping to start construction soon so we can move in by next Spring!  Will keep you posted on the progress and will add photos to my blog when we begin.

Have a blessed day and stay tuned….


A lot has happened since my last post in January. After many years of searching, we just happened to find a beautiful piece of property not too far from our church in Harris County, Georgia for sale at a good price so we bought it. It has 5 acres and is wooded with a creek running across the back. So we put our home on the market in February. We knew that moving into a rental house would make our home much easier for Realtors to show since we weren’t the neatest housekeepers and we had our real estate office in our home plus two huge German shepherds in the back yard. So we moved…ugh!

After living in the same house for 12 years I had a lot of cleaning out and packing up to do. And I had to organize the move as to what I would need for the next 6-8 months and what could go in the outside storage shed or needed to be stored in the extra room of the rental house. Everyone should have to do this every 2-3 years. It will keep you from becoming the packrat that I had turned into!

So we got settled in and started praying for our house to sell. We actually received an offer the first week while we were still in the process of moving but didn’t accept it and they didn’t accept our counteroffer. Finally after reducing our price by $15,000, another offer came in which we accepted. Today (5 months later) we closed on the sale and that chapter of our life. We are no longer homeowners, but we are still landowners. And the good news is that the land is paid for! Yahoo!!

Now our goal is to build a home we can live in forever, have a lower mortgage and work to pay it off as quickly as possible. That means really watching the budget now and socking away as much money as possible to put down on the new home when the construction is completed and it is time to take out our home loan. The builder has said that it will take at least 5-7 months to build so Bob and I will be focusing on helping buyers and sellers with renewed passion as we work to earn more income. Great goals are Great motivators!

Will keep you posted on our progress!